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Apple Business Manager Overview


Apple Business Manager is your company’s portal for connecting your Apple devices to your MDM solution, providing an automated deployment and content management workflow.

Do I need to enroll in Apple Business Manager?

Yes! Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) have a built-in management framework allowing you to manage settings, apps, and security features. Your company owned devices need to be enrolled in MDM, and Apple Business Manager is how you get there.

How Does Apple Business Manager Work?

When you purchase an Apple device through your company’s Custom Apple Store, or through an authorized reseller, your devices will automatically be enrolled in Apple Business Manager. When the device is unboxed, it automatically activates with Apple, and goes through Automated Device Enrollment into your MDM (formerly the Device Enrollment Program).

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is the authoritative management system that provides your Apple devices with settings, restrictions, managed apps, and more. Management ensures your devices are compliant with company policies, and prevents you from being locked out of company owned assets.

What is Managed App Distribution?

Through Apple Business Manager, you can allocate app licenses from the App Store and automate app deployment and app management. Apps stay up to date, and there’s no need for employees to use a personal Apple ID. Managed app data is kept separate from employee’s personal data. Your company owns the app and controls the app data.


What is the Custom Apple Store?

The Custom Apple Store is your company’s personalized web portal for purchasing from Apple. Shop on your own, or get help from us! When you work with your Apple Consultant or the Apple Retail Business Teams, we can provide quotes and proposals for Apple products, right in your portal. Once your order ships, devices automatically appear in Apple Business Manager, ready for deployment. Your Custom Store may also provide loyalty pricing!


How do I Get Started?

Let us guide the way! ArmourPeak can work with you to setup your Custom Store and enroll in Apple Business Manager. We’ll also put you in touch with an Apple Business Team, which is a great way build a direct relationship with Apple.

How long will it take to get setup?

Enrolling in Apple Business Manager and setting up your Custom Store are curated processes that require approval from Apple. It can take several business days to get up and running with these services. ArmourPeak knows exactly what you’ll need and because we are Apple Consultants, we have access to resources to get you setup as fast as possible.


If you are not yet enrolled in Apple Business Manager, we encourage you to talk to us, or an Apple Business Team specialist prior to rolling out devices. If you deploy an unmanaged device, it will need to be wiped in order to enroll it into MDM later.


Please visit Apple’s Business Resources page to learn more:

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